uBlock vs. uBlock Origin: what's the difference?

Citing frustration with the increasing volume of support and feature requests from users of uBlock, gorhill (the original developer behind uBlock) transferred ownership of the project to the current uBlock development team, composed of contributors to the original project.

Chris Aljoudi is now the lead developer of uBlock. Alex Vallat heads Firefox development, bringing uBlock to hundreds of thousands of Mozilla fans.

After transferring ownership of the uBlock project, gorhill forked uBlock into uBlock Origin, a personal fork for which he's been releasing builds and providing support via the extension's Chrome Web Store entry.

After the transfer, there were some issues regarding wording and attribution. After consulting with gorhill, this was promptly addressed and resolved — gorhill and the team are content and satisfied with the resolution.

Even though there were no malicious intents or actual conflicts within the team, various aggressive false rumors and accusations were being spread. Some of those are:

... and various others. The accusations have no basis in truth, and probably rather the result of some form of the "telephone"/Chinese whispers game.

It's been openly discussed and offered to transfer uBlock back to gorhill; he has declined the offer.

Which one am I using? Should I switch to the other one?

You can tell by looking at the uBlock icon:

ublock icon

If you're using uBlock Origin, you're welcome to move over to the main uBlock project. uBlock is actively supported by the uBlock development team.

Alternatively, if you wish to use gorhill's personal fork, please feel free to do so. gorhill has stated he will focus on maintenance.

In contrast, the uBlock project will be moving forward with awesome new features, refinements, and enhancements. We at the uBlock team are very excited and looking forward to improving your web experience even further.

We'd love to have you onboard with us at the uBlock project. We're committed to designing and developing uBlock to be a delightful tool — as well as backing it up with excellent support.